The fourth Open Studios in Prince Albert and why you should take note

Prince Albert is a quaint, charming little village, nestled at the foot of the iconic Swartberg. The
town and its surrounds are filled with a magic that is the product of gorgeous natural scenery,
old-world architecture, olive and wine farms and an intangible sense of the good life. Perhaps
that is why it is home to artists from far and wide, all masters of their craft in their own right.

From Thursday, 4 to Sunday, 7 July, the entire village transforms into one exhibition known as
Prince Albert Open Studios. And you better believe it’s something like you’ve never experienced

Why it’s not to be missed

Think of the last time you purchased a piece of art – be it a painting, sculpture or hand-made
piece of furniture. What was it that drew you to it? Why did you feel that this creation was
something that resonates with your very being? Something you simply can’t be without?
Chances are, your answer is something along the lines of how the piece spoke to you. And that
is what Open Studios is all about.

Over the course of four days, the resident artists open their studios – often located in their
homes – to the public, creating the village’s very own ‘art route’. Visitors have the chance to not
only view the artists’ art, but to meet them in person and discuss their work with them. These
works include mediums ranging from land art, water colours, ceramics, letter art, stone carvings,
oils and acrylics.

What’s more, there are no time constraints. You won’t feel rushed to tick off every gallery on
your list, but instead you’ll have the time to truly experience each and every one of them to the
fullest extent.

Imagine owning a special piece of art and having a special story straight from the source to go
along with it for the rest of your days.

And even though it is all about the art…

The village retains its charm due to the wealth of activities on offer. Who knows – it may very
well captivate you to such an extent that you will never want to leave!

From cooking courses to mountain biking, and yoga to stargazing, there’s always more than one
attraction on offer that will tickle your fancy while you’re taking a small break from the artistic
tour de force.

For more information on activities and events in and around the village and to book
accommodation for Prince Albert Open Studios, visit Prince Albert Tourism’s website at Plus, check out Facebook (@PrinceAlbert.WesternCape), Twitter
(@prince_albert_tourism) and Instagram (@PrinceAlbertZA).


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