Clanwilliam: A fantastic getaway option for the upcoming Easter weekend

Clanwilliam is one of the ten oldest towns in South Africa and with Easter weekend approaching
fast, it is a great time to start planning that road trip or family getaway.

This picturesque and unique little town, situated within the raw rugged beauty of the Cederberg
region in the Western Cape, boasts with an abundance of nature, hiking and mountain biking
trails in the surrounding areas.

Nature lovers and adventure seekers will absolutely thrive here. If you’re keen on seeing some
rock art paintings, head out on the Sevilla Rock Art Trail. This 5 km trail winds along the
Brandewyn River and visits nine sites of rock art paintings left behind by the San people who
inhabited the area for thousands of years.

A visit to the Strassbergers Shoe Factory is also a must if you enjoy wearing leather shoes. Be
sure to pop in to their showroom to try and buy your favourite Strassbergers shoes.
Wine and beer patrons will also be delighted in a visit to the Cederberg Private Cellar and
Cederberg Brewery situated on Dwarsrivier Farm in the heart of the pristine Cederberg
Conservation Area.

Clanwilliam originated in 1660 when a team of Dutch explorers, who were sent out by Jan van
Riebeeck, first reached the Olifants River. When they entered the valley, they saw a large
number of elephants on the riverbank. Jan Danckaert, the Dutch cadet in charge of the party,
then named the river. Since then Clanwilliam grew into the modern country town that it is today.

Not only is Clanwilliam an absolute gem for history lovers, but it’s also known as the Rooibos
capital. That’s right, this is the only place in the world where Rooibos tea grows naturally and
the perfect place to delve into its history and cultivation.

When it comes to choosing accommodation it can be hard as there are so many options to
choose from. The upside is that there is literally something for every budget and every need.

Those who want to also include their pets on this outing will be relieved that there are many pet-
friendly accommodation options. If a luxurious lodge sounds better there is also a variety to
choose from. Even those on a budget are covered.

It might even be worth considering adding a couple of leave days to extend the long weekend
that starts on Friday, 19 April and ends after Monday, 22 April.

For more information on activities in and around Clanwilliam and to book accommodation for
your Easter weekend getaway, visit Clanwilliam Tourism’s website at

You can also follow Clanwilliam Tourism on Facebook (@clanwilliamtourism) and Instagram
(@clanwilliamtoerisme) to stay up-to-date with the latest news.


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