N.C. Famous Lodges a must-visit

Any good breakaway starts with an excellent plan of action. Lodging is luxurious, pristine and
will provide you with a relaxing time if you choose any of the Northern Cape Famous Lodges.

Owner of the marvellous group of N.C. Famous Lodges, Jean Lambrechts, said, “We make it
our priority to present only the best experience to all our clients. The passion showcased by the
whole team on our lodges proves that your stay will be unforgettable.”

By starting to plan early in the year, you will get access to the best chalets at any of the N.C.
Famous Lodges you desire most. Starting in Upington with the Tshahitsi Lodge and making its
way through to the Green Kalahari with the great Molopo Kalahari Lodge and Vischgat Game
Lodge, as well as the Elandspoor Bush Camp. All of these lodges are unique in their own way.
Moving down the N7 road, you will find Letsatsi Lodge on the border of Vanrhynsdorp.

The Green Kalahari is a good enough reason itself to go and venture to the Northern Cape.
Located not far from where the Orange River flows into a deep stone gorge to create the well-
known Augrabies Falls, the lush green vineyards all around the valley bear colourful fruits. If this
sounds wonderful to you, then you should not hesitate to make your reservation.

Elandspoor Game Camp Lodge is located on the borders of the Green Kalahari. Elandspoor is a
haven for the outdoor enthusiast who loves to experience the semi-desert landscape. It provides
a safe and vibrant area for you and your friends/family to camp.

The Molopo Kalahari Lodge is situated in the Green Kalahari, 60 km from the Kgalagadi
Transfrontier Park. Molopo Kalahari Lodge is located in just the right spot for you to experience
the incredible beauty of the Kalahari.

If you stay at Molopo Kalahari Lodge the Khomani San people will provide you guidance that is
based on their ancient understanding of animal tracking and hunting. The Khomani San will
teach you first hand about their storytelling, dream imagery, bush medicine and
cosmetics.They’ll make sure you have a unique and memorable experience. Let these traits of
the lodge be a wake-up call for you to book your breakaway now.

Letsatsi Lodge is not only known for it’s beautiful surroundings, but also the fine food served at
their Red Ox Restaurant. This restaurant boasts top service and a team that consists of friendly
staff. The management at Letsatsi Lodge also invite you to make use of their beautiful venue for
your special function. This venue has a big dance floor and whatever function you have in mind,
Letsatsi Lodge will be more than happy to offer you and your guest a unforgettable time. This
lodge is perfect for those who want to experience the unique Namaqualand flowers in pure

N.C. Famous has five lodges situated in the Northern Cape, each with their own unique
activities and accommodation. Make sure to choose any N.C. Famous lodge for your breakaway
destination through the magical Northern Cape.

For more information about the NC Famous Lodges, visit their website at
www.ncfamouslodges.co.za. You can also follow them on Instagram at @ncfamouslodges or on
twitter at @NCFamousLodges. You can also like their Facebook page @NCFamousLodges.


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