Two classic summer cocktails

Cocktails are always fun to make, especially during the holidays when you can sleep off your hangover, but with many ingredients, things can become complicated. Keep it painless with these simple wine cocktails that need three ingredients at the most. If you are a white wine type try the Spritzer. If red wine is more your thing, make a jug of Sangria.


Serves: 4
A Spritzer is a classic mix of chilled white wine and soda water. The word comes for the German word for sprinkle, a sprinkle of soda in the wine makes it easier to enjoy in large amounts. It is ideal if you want to sip on something light and refreshing. The most important factor is that the wine must be very cold when serving. Add herbs (thyme or basil) or fresh fruit for more zing.

750 ml dry white wine
¼ soda water
Herbs or fresh fruit (optional)

Mix the chilled white wine and soda water in a jug. Serve with herbs or fruit for more charm if desired. Serve with glasses for guests to pour.


Serves: 4

Sangria is a red wine fruit punch originating in Spain and Portugal. The word comes from the Spanish word for blood due to the red colour of the drink. Each region in Spain has their own version. The one below is our simplified version of this classic summer cocktail.

750 ml red wine
500 ml Sprite or lemonade
Fresh seasonal fruit, chopped
1 can of fruit, drained
2 tablespoons sugar

Pour wine into a jug. Add the fruit and sugar. Let it stand to mature if not serving immediately. Add lemonade before serving. Garnish with thinly sliced oranges and a whole strawberry if desired.

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