Nivea has just launched your new skin hero

In an ideal world we would all get 8 hours sleep a night. We wouldn’t drink too much wine on that impromptu mid-week girls night. We wouldn’t stay up till the early hours catching up on work (or binge watching series). We wouldn’t stress about deadlines or indulge in that extra croissant or spend too much time outdoors or live in cities that never stop buzzing.

Doesn’t sound like much of a life though, does it?

Luckily, great skincare can help us to look fantastic even if we’re running low on battery power. Feeding your skin with potent antioxidants helps to defend it against free-radical damage and prevents inflammation that will make you look older, faster (eek!). One of the best ingredients for this is good ol’ Vitamin C, which can boost your skin in the best ways.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that increases collagen production, fights free radicals, reduces inflammation and enhances your skin repair. In other words, this is the good stuff.

Until now, however, quality Vitamin C products have been super expensive. And then Nivea stepped into the ring with their new Q10plusC range, which is budget friendly and packs a punch.

The hero product, their Anti-Wrinkle + Energy Sleep Cream, contains a high level of pure Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) that works while you sleep, so you wake up looking energized (even before your first cup of coffee).

How does it work?

The Energy Sleep Cream let’s your cells take up 50% more oxygen overnight*, which leads to smoother, well-rested looking skin. This then stimulates energy production, needed by the cells to repair and regenerate.

Aside from pure Vitamin C, the cream also contains Coenzyme Q10, another antioxidant that boosts energy production. And at the same time it nourishes with Shea butter and Panthenol.

The Energy Sleep Cream is lightweight but nourishing, with a mild scent. I could pick up a boost in radiance after just one week.

And thumbs up for the packaging! When it comes to antioxidant skincare, airtight and lightless packaging is essential to preserve those potent ingredients. The Energy Sleep Cream comes in a 100% air-tight and lightproof tube (that is also completely recyclable – yay!), which protects the formula and prevents contamination. Oh, and you can roll that tube up tight near the end to squeeze out every last drop (yes, we all do it).

Seriously, you’re going to love it

I received the products a couple of weeks ago and I think it’s brilliant. The Energy Sleep Cream has launched in combination with their new Energy Day Care, which is lightweight with a broad spectrum SPF 15, stabilized Vitamin C, Coenzyme Q10 and creatine.

Best of all? It won’t break the bank!

The Nivea Q10plusC Anti-Wrinkle + Energy Sleep Cream retails for R169,99 for 40 ml, and the Q10plusC Anti-Wrinkle + Energy Day Care SPF 15 is priced at R169,99 for 50 ml.

Article supplied by 9Lives. Visit 9Lives’ website for more beauty tips.


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