AFGRI’s online platform frees up time for farmers

Since AFGRI’s first launch of the online transactional platform, called e-Accounts, in 2014, it has evolved into a powerful, dynamic digital channel that will soon span offerings across AFGRI.

Tinus Prinsloo, Chief Executive Officer, AFGRI Agri Services says, “e-Accounts evolved from a relatively simple transaction portal into a sophisticated digital channel that is changing the way AFGRI’s customers are doing business.. The platform lets farmers manage their entire business, finance and planning on one user-friendly platform that’s secure, instant, convenient and accessible from a variety of devices.”

“Additional enhancements will further revolutionise the way farmers manage their AFGRI accounts. Following the initial success of the platform, AFGRI saw the opportunity of adding further agri-related functions that would enable farmers to administer and manage their entire farming operations,” says Johann Barnard, Chief Operations Officer, UNIGRO Financial Services and e-Accounts project owner,.. Several additional features, including payment scheduling, viewing and authorisation of foreign exchange transactions, as well as payroll capabilities, were added for GroCapital, another AFGRI financial division.

Grain management
“As features to the platform are added on demand, the popular grain management tool was added in June 2016. Using e-Accounts, farmers can view the amount of grain they have in stock at the silo, as well as the amount they still need to deliver on their contracts. They can keep an eye on live grain prices, estimating how they will affect them, and trade their grain with brokers who are able to immediately transfer money from their UNIGR0 facilities to the farmers,” says Prinsloo.

AFGRI’s insurance division will be next to benefit, followed by retail. And later this year, farmers will have access to e-Credit, where they can apply for new lending facilities through e-Accounts.

AFGRI e-Accounts now has approximately 1 000 active users, with more than 30 000 logins since the first project went live. The largest single payment so far was more than R60 million. “We’re seeing a dramatic trend upwards,” says Barnard. “Within the first 12 months, R1,2 billion in payments went through the system. During the second year, this value has tripled, shooting up to more than R4 billion,” . – Press release


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