For your everyday electronic needs

Cell HR Repairs is a shop that caters for your day to day electronic needs and repairs. We are open seven days a week from 09:00 until 18:00. Cell HR Repairs offers the following products and repair services:

  • Cellphone repairs

  • Laptop repairs

  • Tablet repairs

Be sure to visit Cell HR Repairs to have your products repaired at affordable prices.

More about Cell HR Repair

We have a range of musical instruments as well as stereos and Speakers for you to choose from.


Musical Instruments




Stereo and Speakers

Car Sound systems

Bluetooth Music Boxes




We Also have a wide range of Electronics for you to choose from.


Cellphone and Laptop Chargers

Cellphone Cases

Memory Cards

Screen Protectors

Smart Watches

Digital Watches


Contact us

Cell HR Repair

Kerk Straat, Maskam Mall, Vredendal

Tel: +27 (0)74 922 6812

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